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Welcome to the registration page. Here you can take the plunge and open up a new chapter in your career or your business. The knowledge you take away from the course will provide you with the tools and the inspiration to handle video with ease, whether you do it yourself or oversee others. One thing is for sure though, you'll understand why one film works and one doesn't. I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing with you everything that I have learnt that can make your videos better and more successful.

Alyn Williams first restaurant since leaving Marcus Wareing is very accomplished and his food delicious. Here he talks about his style.

London, July/September/October

Course Title

Chandos Elletson's Food, Film & Story For The Web


The Rocket
11-13 Churchfield Road
W3 6BD


July 2nd - 3rd 2012
September 10th - 11th 2012
October 8th - 9th 2012




*Our Paypal account is under the name of Educis Ltd which is my education company which also owns and manages The Chef's Directory.

For details of alternate payment methods call or email Chandos on or 07526 930849


Other Courses

Food, film and story for beginners

Introduction to video for the web. A special one day course that covers all the basics including a hilarious introduction to web film theory, which camera, what equipment, which editing software and how to start making your first films.


14th July, The Rocket, Acton.

To book contact Chandos on


A unique opportunity to allow your creative team to take the intermediate course in the comfort of your offices. £1500 for two private days focussing specifically on your needs and requirements. No limit to the numbers who participate. The two days are there to cover all aspects of your business and how to exploit video to its fullest.

Add a company film, made together with your staff, for £2500 including the course.

For further details:

One on One

A one day course in your own home or office. Completely hands on we cover all the key aspects including making a short film and basic editing. (It's a long day)


For further details:

Advanced One on One

This can take any format, its up to you. I can come and film with you and advise or alternatively we can work on your existing projects on the editing and theory side. Or a combination.


On Location

Fancy seeing how it all knits together for real? Join me on a real film in a real kitchen (or on an ingredient quest). All aspects of the course covered but you'll see much more location management and real time decision making.

£500 per person. Maximum of two.