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Video on the internet has become extremely important but nowhere more so than in hospitality. Video is the buzzword of the moment. Good video, however, the sort you will learn about on this course, should not replace words or pictures. It should enhance and enrich. Good video on the internet follows a strict set of rules that once mastered will change the way your viewers interact with your web pages.

One of my favourite films of all. 4 minutes of service from The Waterside Inn with Alain Roux and his gorgeous food.


If you are filming food-related subjects then this course is perfect. Chandos' experience and depth of knowledge is both infectious and highly informative. It was staggering just how much I learnt in two days with him.

Jim Tanfield, editor

I'm amazed at the amount of information I absorbed in just two days. Before your course I had no idea what I was doing when it came to video for the web. I had tried but was thoroughly disappointed with the results. Random, amateurish footage cobbled together in a completely unstructured way that hadn't got a hope in hell of holding a viewers attention. Typical of most of the stuff that litters the internet.

What you have done for me, in an extraordinarily short space of time, is equip me with the knowledge, confidence and technical skills to make and market films that really work. I'm amazed at the amount of information I absorbed in just two days, I'm not one of life's natural learners and can only put this down to the fact that I enjoyed the course so much.

Anybody involved in any aspect of food, from the humblest blogger to the biggest multinational, will benefit hugely from your splendid course.

Charlie Hicks, Greengrocer

I found the Chef's Directory video course engaging, interesting and helpful. Chandos is a natural teacher who knows a lot about storytelling thanks to his successful career in journalism - and he applies this expertise to the medium of internet film - a content platform he's been pioneering with the Chef's Directory site. Chandos knows about making cadent, good quality films that tell interesting stories with simplicity and artistic integrity - taking his lead from established directors and film theory. I'd recommend a session with him to anyone who's interested in making film content for the internet.

Rosie Birkett, Food Writer

Chandos is an inspirational teacher. I started the course knowing virtually nothing about video production; by the end I was eager to get out there and make my first video. I learnt the basic nuts and bolts of production, but just as importantly, Chandos passed on his expertise in storytelling, essential knowledge for anyone wanting to make compelling video content.

Andy Lynes, Food Writer

Chandos is unique in the way he teaches. He doesn't hide the essential secrets which is what I have encountered in the past. He genuinely wants to, and does, impart knowledge relevant to this field. From the practical demonstrations to the theoretical discussions I find myself confident to go and create films for the internet immediately. The theory and "director" techniques that Chandos taught me will enable me to develop and progress dramatically as the years pass. If nothing else, let Chandos show you the importance of sound. You will be amazed at what he shows you. This is the first industry related course I have been on and have learnt things that will allow me to become better at what I do. Finally, Chandos has passion and cares about this subject and in my experience this is a refreshingly rare quality. I come away from this course knowledgable and with a new friend.

Chris Clark, Commercial Photographer

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Other Courses

Food, film and story for beginners

Introduction to video for the web. A special one day course that covers all the basics including a hilarious introduction to web film theory, which camera, what equipment, which editing software and how to start making your first films.


14th July, The Rocket, Acton.

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A unique opportunity to allow your creative team to take the intermediate course in the comfort of your offices. £1500 for two private days focussing specifically on your needs and requirements. No limit to the numbers who participate. The two days are there to cover all aspects of your business and how to exploit video to its fullest.

Add a company film, made together with your staff, for £2500 including the course.

For further details:

One on One

A one day course in your own home or office. Completely hands on we cover all the key aspects including making a short film and basic editing. (It's a long day)


For further details:

Advanced One on One

This can take any format, its up to you. I can come and film with you and advise or alternatively we can work on your existing projects on the editing and theory side. Or a combination.


On Location

Fancy seeing how it all knits together for real? Join me on a real film in a real kitchen (or on an ingredient quest). All aspects of the course covered but you'll see much more location management and real time decision making.

£500 per person. Maximum of two.